• "My time at ECLEE was one of the best parts of my collegiate experience. The personal and professional development that can occur while studying abroad is extraordinary. The ECLEE experience is different than any other Study Abroad opportunity out there, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in studying business abroad."

Monica Barett, American student

  • “The information and knowledge I gained through the program and the locations we visited, such as the Château de Versailles and the EU in Brussels, have yet to be forgotten. Instead, I continue to carry it with me everywhere I go.”

Sarah Landsberg, American student Read Sarah Landsberg's Case Study

  • “ECLEE is not just sending students out there and then not caring about them anymore. ECLEE presents a true international experience that includes job shadowing, and they follow up. Their study abroad program allows you to grow as a person and get a job that you truly like.”

Vincent Vanhée, French student Read Vincent Vanhée's Case Study

  • "My study abroad experience was extraordinary. Our group was offered many opportunities while in France, including trips to Belgium and Paris. The classes were very informational, the accommodations were nice, and the day trips were so much fun! I was completely out of my comfort zone but I learned a great deal about the French culture and gained knowledge, awareness, and an understanding while there. Studying abroad is a great way to immerse yourself in a culture while learning in a new environment. It really opens your eyes to the world we live in … it sure opened mine!”

Jacky Perry, American student

  • “My stay in France has given me insight to French culture in ways that I cannot get in a classroom setting. We live in a changing world that is becoming more diverse and we have a responsibility to learn about different cultures. If we take the time to immerse ourselves into a culture, then there no longer needs to be a culture shock. This trip has been such a learning experience for me; I will keep the benefits for years to come.”

Sofia Cain, American student

  • “Studying and being in America was great—it made me much more positive. ECLEE helped me find the desire to go after what I really want in life…this way you discover you have good skills after all. You can have the skills, but if no one pushes you or gives you a chance, they might not ever develop.”

Amaury Chouia, French student

  • “I have so many wonderful things to say about Dr. Salouhou and the ECLEE program. The program offers a really unique and valuable learning experience by combining Dr. Salouhou's passion for education with his hands-on teaching style. Learning from him and ECLEE is so much more than just studying abroad; I’d recommend them both to anyone who wants to really learn, experience, and immerse themselves in a foreign culture to discover an entirely new way of seeing the world.”

Jacob Hinsey, American student

  • “If I could describe the whole ECLEE program in one word, it would be ‘immersion.’ As a student in the ECLEE program, I would have to say that they did such a great job of helping us adapt to a new culture and learn so much about it.”

Patrick Tippmann, Jr., American student